The Binary Times – Series 7 Episode 7

Series 7 Episode 7 – In this episode The Binary Times guys wearily ease into Summer Time, Mark has been trying out EndlessOS, Wayne is trying to implement open source solutions at his work, more under the hood tips and another epic Irish saying. Enjoy.

00:25 Wayne welcomes us to Series 7 Episode 7 from a bright but windy and chilly Bristol. Mark tells us it’s sunny in Kilkishen and complains about changing the clocks for summer time. The guys discuss the possibility that summertime may end in Europe and the confusion that may cause them being in different time zones. Mark mentions Swatch Internet time.

05:15 Mark and Wayne talk about Endless OS.

17:16 Wayne tells us how he’s been swamped recently with his organization’s sudden move to online working. Unfortunately Nextcloud didn’t work out as he hoped, as Office 365 is already embedded in the organization.The guys also talk about Private, Public and Hybrid clouds, before switching their attention to Zoom, which everyone seems to be using without considering the security of the application, while the Electronic Frontier Foundation has compiled a list of its privacy issues. The conversation moves onto to Microsoft Teams, Skype and Jitsi before the guys change the subject to mobile vs. desktop computing, the expectations that they should be the same, and advise people to not give thanks when it’s not deserved. Also, in your own self interest, don’t touch the guys’ screens!

36:12 Wayne talks about audio in Linux and recommends Alsamixer as a useful command line tool for setting audio levels. He also suggests a desk arm is vital to good sound quality, and the positioning of the microphone is important.

42:10 Under the Hood – Wayne’s recent one that he came across recently is, Netflix’s speed testing tool. He also mentions a humble bundle collection, the Coding Starter Kit bundle by No Starch Press. Wayne recommends CTRL X followed by CTRL E from bash to allow for multiline editing.

Mark’s under the hood is Build this 8-Bit Home Computer With Just 5 Chips

51:05 Irish saying of the Show is “Tá alann páipéar leithris ar Marc” or Mark has all the toilet paper.

We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did making it!

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