Our Vision

On Sunday 1 May 2016, we launched the Other Side Podcast Network – a network for podcasters who not only want to showcase their podcasts through cross-promotion, but also as a platform for sharing experiences and learning. We believe that, through this network, we will be in a better position to build and improve our podcasts, for our own benefit and also for that of our listeners.

This is not a closed platform, nor is it exclusive to people we know. To quote a line from Antitrust, “Human knowledge belongs to the world” – a somewhat grandiose gesture, perhaps, but the basis of our vision regardless.

The idea behind the name “Other Side” is that our podcasts seem to gravitate away from your typical mainstream, i.e. Creative Commons music, or Free Culture technology, for example.

All podcasts which are a member of the Other Side Podcast Network release their shows under a Creative Commons (or other suitably Free) license.