The Binary Times – Series 7 Episode 5

Series 7 Episode 5 – In this episode The Binary Times guys start the show talking about Greta Thunburg, the climate change activist from Sweden, Mark has been upgrade his 16.04 instance of Ubuntu to something more recent, Wayne has been breathing, more under the hood tips and another epic Irish saying. Enjoy.

00:28 Wayne welcomes us to Series 7 Episode 5 on a windy stormy Jorge leap year day. The guys talk about Storm Jorge and storms in general for a bit. Wayne tells us that Greta Thunberg was in Bristol on the 28th February and this leads the guys to talk about Climate Change. Wayne recommends Greta Thunberg’s speech at the Climate Action Summit as worth watching. The conversation inevitably turns to the Coronavirus and its effects on the globe.

17:56 The lads remember this is a Linux show, so Mark starts to tell us what he’s been at Linuxy wise. He tells us he’s upgraded his desktop from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 and finally onto Ubuntu 20.04 and tells us how all that went. To upgrade to 20.04 from 18.04 he used the command sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop -d. Wayne contemplates upgrading his Ubuntu MATE desktop to 20.04. Mark complains that Unity of Command II still won’t work in Ubuntu when it’s working in Arch.

33:49 Wayne tells us that Libre Planet is approaching and gives us a taster of what’s happening there.

Wayne goes on to tell us he’s been trying out Protonmail and Proton VPN. He tells us it all works quite nicely. Mark cautions that VPNs won’t protect you from Malware, and Wayne advises user caution.

41:07 Wayne tells us of some hardware fun he had while in Ireland. He apologises to Conor of the Linux Lads for not making it to Dublin, due to the crazy stormy weather we’ve been having of late.

46:40 Under the Hood – Wayne tells us the 2G Raspberry Pi 4 Model B price will reduce to $35 and that the 1G model will be phased out. He goes on to tell us that Jon the Nice Guy Spriggs from the Admin Admin Podcast has released a video about Ansible and Inspec using Vagrant. Wayne’s final Under the Hood is to take three deep breaths and let the chaos slide. Mark agrees with him.

51:38 Mark’s Under the Hood is to listen to Tea Earl Grey Hot while watching Picard. The guys discuss the recent BBC’s Panorama show “Amazon: What They Know About Us”.

55:51 Irish Saying of the Show is “Is lá ana stoirmiúil é” or It is a very stormy day.

We hope you enjoy this show as much as we did making it!

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